Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pregnant in the 70s

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I found out about the location of the TV shoot the day before i had to go, so on friday morning i set off just after 5am, and followed my SatNav. I was happily traveling along the pretty, winding roads, apparently i had no idea how far north i was getting as i suddenly saw a sign saying "Welcome to Scotland!" Didn't expect it at all!

I was going to a place called Duns, and i still didn't really know what was happening, but i made it in one piece at 8am being fueled by Rockstar energy, and i found out i would be someone called Pandora for a program called This September. I would be in a photograph that the main character finds from the 70s, and i had to wear a pregnant suit!
While pregnant, i got such strange looks from the crew and cast as i wandered around, (i look quite young!) and questions like "is that real?"

My hair was fabulous. It sat in heated rollers for a long time, and was backcombed into Cheryl Cole heights, although it dropped after that, but still looked awesome thanks to the spray glue.

Once in my floral dress, we headed back to England to take photographs of me and two others. The location was so pretty, a place called Etal, with lovely little thatched cottages. They took lots of 70s style portraits, and some family shots, and got a few strange looks from the tourists, but it was fun!
I've never been to this part of the country, an area that has towns called things like Upsettington, and Rapunzal towers in the middle of fields.

After a lovely lunch, i set off home, but got caught up in all the traffic from people trying to see Kings of Leon at the stadium of light, and apparently the only way there was through the tyne tunnel! But i made it home eventually.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A mysterious tv shoot!

A very early start tomorrow, i'm off to a castle near Berwick for a stills shoot for a tv program. All i know is i've been asked to go tomorow because i look similar to the main character and the pictures are meant to be her when she was young! Will hopefully find out tomorrow.

On sunday i was playing camera-woman for two poetry films, and i don't think i did too badly! One is up on Vimeo...

Enjoy! (i'm pretty sure we got the biggest applause for it!)

And Two Minutes Early!!! from John Noble on Vimeo.

Just seen myself on Waterloo Road!

So Cool! I'm on the far left talking to Jess when Karen Fisher walks over and interupts.
I got a few texts saying, "have i just seen you on telly?"

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Crime scene victim!

On Thursday night i'm off to Newcastle where i will be covered in blood and filmed as part of a crime scene, i'm hoping i get some flash back scenes to where i'm alive?!
There seems to be a continuation of the theme where i die in most films i'm in, is it the blonde hair?
I think i'm going to die in Marc Price's Kung Fu movie as well, but at least i'll go down fighting dammit!