Thursday, 8 December 2011


London is always fun, i met up with my lovely friend Ped on Sunday and we headed to the pub in Tooting where most of Monkey's Claw was filmed, and we found Marc and a lot of the actors and crew from the film.

As well as the trailer and film clips being shown, they were showing lots other short films to enjoy our popcorn too, including an amazing documentary of a laundrette. It sounds bad, but it was so "thought provoking", and apparently the BFI had called it one of the best documentaries they'd seen, (or something like that). I loved the questions they were asking, like, "What's the most beautiful thing you've ever see?" or "What have you been thinking about today?". Very simple, but the different responses were amazing.
The other films were all such high quality, and it was amazing to think that most of them were a result of people meeting in this particular pub.

I've also been asked to audition for one of the film makers there that night, so not all fun times, managed to fit in some networking too!

Way Of The Monkey's Claw Trailer

Also in London, i got to visit a cupcake shop in Covent Garden i've been dying to see ever since i became obsessed with their cookbook, called the Primrose bakery. There wasn't enough room to sit down, but i still got to buy their pretty cakes that me and Ped happily enjoyed x

Rose flavour and triple chocolate flavour.


Yummy food in Camden

Thursday, 1 December 2011

To London!

After an attack of madness, (mostly prompted by Marc Price), last night i booked a coach to go down to London on Sunday morning.
Marc is having a screening of Way of The Monkey's Claw, and he managed to convince me to go, (not that it took much persuading!)
So there you go, a mad dash down to the capital to see all my film buddies. I will report back on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Gunrunner Nun

The other week i had an audition in York for an independent film called Gunrunner Nun, for the part of a young girl called Harriet,  

When Gustav Gundersson decides he wants his teenage daughter Harriet to leave their small seaside town and move to the City, he offers a local Nun some money to walk her there.
They begin the two day journey, with the Nun -Ailsa- offering the teenage Harriet a crash course in religion, ethics and morals.
Their journey soon takes a turn for the worse however, when they encounter a woodland full of warriors, religious zealots and lunatics...

I thought the audition went really well and i was happy about it, even though i thought i would miss it. The audition was at 10am, my train got in at 9:50, and google maps told me it took 12 minutes to walk there! But i made it, and that evening i got an email telling me they were very impressed with me. Then the other day i was told they wanted to offer me the role!
Filming starts in January, should be fun.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ground Floor by Rayne

Just watched the music video i was in, and it looks pretty good, and the band sound really happy with it. It's going to be released on the 17th so i'll post it then. In the mean time...there's more photos!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

No more Tim Roth Film

Last week my agent, Sam Claypole, called me about my Liability audition. I had been given a part, but they weren't keen to part with any money, wanting to pay minimum wage, not Equity minimum wage, but £5 and hour!
The most they were willing to stretch to was £37 for the whole thing! Sam said she had just laughed at them down the phone!
She wasn't happy with me doing what was basically a lingerie shoot for less than forty quid. We decided that if they could guarantee me a IMDB credit, i would go ahead with it, but the next day Sam called to say she had turned it down. They wouldn't budge from £40, and no IMDB. I would have been spending more on petrol for nothing.

Then i got a group email sent to everyone in JPM Extras, (they must have been supplying everyone else) to say they were dropping out of the job because the production company only wanted to pay £5 and hour for twelve hour days.
So it looks like The Liability may be a bit stuck< shouldn't be so tight then should they!

Saw-style music video

I'm sure i was just blogging about always being a plan B! Well, it happened again.
Melting Point Media had already asked me to be makeup artist for their latest music video, but their actress dropped out, so i was offered the part.

They wanted the classic horror movie chic, tears streaming, but still looking good. But i had to wear a horrible head-mask-thing that someone had constructed, and it was meant to look attached to chains and a huge metal frame. Lets just say i wasn't sad when the finally wrapped!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Presenting for BTV

Here's my first video from BTV, I'm on at about 7:20.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Tim Roth film

Today i was at an open casting for supporting artists for the upcoming film The Liability, starring Tim Roth and Talulah Riley.

Apparently i was auditioning for the part of an Eastern European girl, possibly Talulah Riley's sister, but either way i had to put on a blindfold and cry all panicky.
Rob Earnshaw was the casting director, and he couldn't stop apologizing for having to make me carry out such a strange request. Apparently he'd only just been told we had to be blindfolded, and he was so glad he already knew me, otherwise he feared looking like a creepy pervert!

Before the auditions, there had been rumours circulating among the girls that in the audition room there was a bed where you would be required to strip to your underwear and be tied down for a photo. To which Rob replied, "You should just run out the office past everyone in tears like you've been through some horrific audition!"

But i think it went well! I hope to hear back from them. It starts filming at the end of the month.

In other news, Jonathan Lamb, the photographer from Heretic, has just launched a new website for himself as a designer and photographer, and his work is amazing! Check it out here.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I seem to be everyone's Plan B

I seem to always get calls from people that have had actors/models and crew not turn up, and ask if i could fill in, and today was another one of those days.

Natalie Pluck called to say her model had got the dates of the shoot mixed up, and was i free, and as it happens i have no life, so she headed straight to my house to sort clothes, hair and makeup for a photoshoot.

We were planning to shoot at some caves in Hartlepool, which sounded beautiful, i never even knew Hartlepool had caves! But the tide was against us, so we went back to Sheep Wash in the North York Moors. At least we got something out of the day.

Here is the first photo:

Also, the other day i was asked to do makeup for a music video on Sunday. Will definitely be different!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

An audition!

Last Monday i got a call from Rob Earnshaw Casting about an audition happening on the Saturday in Newcastle, which was fine. But then my email account decided that it really didn't like Jade at Rob Earnshaw Casting, so gmail didn't let any of her emails get through, which was a bit annoying as the email contained the script and the address for the audition.

After days of phone calls to Jade, it got to thursday and we had a new plan, we would sent as many emails from as many different accounts as we could in the hopes one would get through. She was running round her office to use other people's accounts, and i was busy sending from my mum's, my msn one (the one with the embarrassing address everyone always has!) and some friends i was talking to on facebook at the time.
I finally got the script on friday from The Face models (a branch of Rob Earnshaw) to my mum's account.

And i thought, hey! That's got to be as bad as it gets! But i forgot that my satnav hates me at the moment, and wont ever find the satellites. I remembered this fifteen minutes into my journey to Newcastle when i had no time to turn back. So i struggled on. The audition was in the same place as the modeling agency, so i kept driving, telling myself i would remember the way, and as i finally pulled up in the right car park, my satnav started working and announced proudly, "you have reached your destination!" Patronising thing.

Oh, and the audition went quite well, it was funny meeting Jade in person finally.
It was a short film, about three pages, so there was a bit of improvising which could have gone better!
I was first to be seen, so i'm hoping that makes me more memorable? I'm telling myself that anyway!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Back from Halloween

Although this year was fun, i think i must have hyped last year's scare attraction in my mind. What i had forgotten about was the long hours spent rehearsing in the freezing cold, then the even longer hours spent performing in the freezing cold and, this year, rain.

I realise now that last year we were so lucky with the weather, i remember at one point being too warm, but this year i sneaked my ski jacket under my costume and was still shivering.
We had half an hour of torrential rain on the third night, and i spent most of it hiding under a bridge pretending to be a troll for if any more people walked through.

One good thing was that i realised a photo of me from last year was printed on a huge canvas in the cafe.

I won't be doing it again next year, but Gary, the producer, told me about a new scare attraction happening in Sunderland next year, so i might give it a go.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I'm a kind of presenter now!

I spent last night travelling round the north east presenting in night clubs with BTV, a new online tv channel. We started out in a couple of clubs in Newcastle, then one in South Shields, then ended up in Sunderland.
It was definitely interesting, but the camera man and producer were very happy with me!

To see the last show, just click this.
The only problem i think there might be is that because it was so loud in the clubs, i had to shout, and it might make my voice sound really screechy and horrible.

The show should be out next week. I'm heading down to york today to pick up my friend Sam, and we will be off to Weatherby to start rehearsing for the Halloween scare acting gig! Exciting!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Some photos from the new photo shoot..

Me and Natalie headed into the woods for another photoshoot, here's some of the pictures. I did the make up myself, which i was quite proud of!

I think the styling was originally inspired by birds and the woodlands, but that got as far as clipping feathers to my hair and dress, but i'm not complaining, it looked nice!

If we were to do it again, i would love to try makeup where i had feathers surrounding my eyes, or on my eyebrows, but that may be more editorial?
For more up to date shoots, check out my new blog on tumblr

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hey look! My hand is a little bit famous!

Clearly have nothing else to blog about!

Original page

Monday, 10 October 2011

Just when it's all going nicely...

....things get cancelled! Yup, the Strawberry Lemonade shoot was cancelled on Saturday night when we were due to start filming on Sunday. I was gutted! Already spent two, very long days rehearsing, and organised my costume and hair and makeup. The other actress was ill, so we didn't go ahead with it.

But, they say that things happen for a reason. One good thing that came out of being involved with this production, was that i met Adam Baroni of BaloneyTelevision. He's just started a new Internet channel that goes out filming in clubs around the North East, then people can be tagged in the videos. He's looking for presenters, and is going to give me a trial on Wednesday in Newcastle. Fingers crossed it goes well!

In the mean time, i'm living out that cliché of being an aspiring actress, working as a waitress. It had to happen some time.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Fright Night is Close!

We've been given the rehearsal dates for Halloween, and the script is almost finished! It's all getting exciting again, i love Halloween, and this year i get a whole week of it, but don't have to work on the 31st! It's a win win for me!

Just looking at the website for Stockeld Park, where we'll be, and i can't wait.

Here's some of my friends from last year:

That's Sam as the scary cannibal

Rachel as Snow Bite

Michael as a Werewolf

I'm Writing My Own Film!

...and it will have speed boats in it! Anyone want a part?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Law And Disorder

A trailer i was in for Tom Marshall ages ago (I'm at the end!)

Law & Disorder Trailer from Tom Marshall on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Photoshoot with a lovely car!

Photographs from Natalie's vintage fashion shoot. We're doing a new one on Thursday, inspired by birds!
I love the car we used, a Triumph Herald that belongs to a family friend, and i think all the photos from this series look so seventies, glamorous and decadent!
You can't tell in these pictures, but we loaded up the car-rack with loads of vintage suitcases, and it really looked the part!

Jen Nelson

1940's inspired shoot

Behind the scenes!

So much happened....and i just didn't blog it!

Well! I think i need a list. Since the last post i've:
As Claire in Heretic
  • Been to London and done Kung Fu training.
  • Rehearsed for Heretic, the horror film.
  • Started shooting on Heretic. Heretic Blog
  • Headed to London half way through the Heretic shoot to film The Way of The Monkey's Claw with Marc Price. Monkey's Claw Trailer
  • After filming in London for three days, (and getting up at 5am everyday) I got on a train back to Leeds, arrived at 11pm, and went straight into a Heretic night shoot until 8am the next day. 
  • Finished shooting on Heretic after two weeks and an amazing wrap party. 
  • Went for an interview at a new modeling agency in Newcastle called The Face, and got signed to them!
  • Found out i'll be in "The Garden Of Evil" At Halloween for the scare attraction.
  • Got a part in a short film called Strawberry Lemonade where i will play a prostitute, directed by Garry Moore.
  • And was in a couple of viral videos by Tom Marshall for a recruitment company called Reed. (Video at the bottom)
    Heretic Crew

    Reed Club from Tom Marshall on Vimeo.

    Monday, 8 August 2011

    Hollywood Hunting


    Friday, 5 August 2011

    Didn't know you could add videos from youtube....

    I'll have to try get them from Vimeo too!

    Monday, 1 August 2011

    Very quick catch up, i'll fill in the gaps soon!

    So basically i've been in London all week learning the fight choreography for Marc Price's next film, i also acted as crew to do an effects test for the film, and it's all going well! I might try post the fight videos, or at least stills from them.

    Sunday, 24 July 2011

    Jen the makeup artist

    On Friday i got a text from an ex-ccad film student telling me she had been working as a makeup artist on a short film, but she couldn't make the shoot on Saturday, and would i be able to cover for her.
    I agreed to it, following the James Harris rules of "Say yes first, then worry about what to do later." 

    It turned out to be a film funded by Hartlepool United, and was part of a series of shorts about the history of Hartlepool. This particular film followed one man throughout the 1st and 2nd world wars and up until the 70s/80s.
    It was my job to make to actors very dirty, one worked in a ship yard, and one was clearing up after an air raid. Another actor had to look younger then older.
    I was picked up from Newcastle station and taken to Swan Hunter Ship yards, were i realised that one of the actors was my old Drama teacher. Small world. 

    It was a very good day, i was very happy with all my makeup jobs, they seemed to work well, and i've agrred to read a script the director is sending me, as apparently i have the perfect look for a role in a film he is making.

    The shooting of Hobgoblyn

    On Thursday I headed to the Yorkshire dales with Rogue Frame Productions, to a place called Malham Cove in order to shoot my scenes for their film Hobgoblyn.
    Awhile ago i auditioned for the part of a barmaid in their medieval short film, but was offered the part of a priestess/witch.
    Apparently some parts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 were filmed there, and with a budget likes Harry Potters it would have been very easy for their crew to get to the location, but for a very, very low budget short, the only way up was to walk, for half an hour up steps!
    I looked like i was on a Victorian expedition, me in my long skirts/dress, with a huge line of Sherpas carrying my luggage, snaking their way up the hill.

    It was a very good location though, on huge grey cliffs over looking moors and fields as far as you could see. I wish i could upload pictures of me in my amazing makeup and dark, curly wig, make up slightly inspired by Black Swan, but they don't want the film to be spoiled by pictures on the Internet of the films big reveals!

    Can't wait to see the finished thing.

    Tuesday, 19 July 2011

    Halloween Hollow 2011!

    Looks like i might be spending another Halloween in the woods of Stockeld park again, and they've just uploaded last year's film.
    I look terrible in it though! It was the first night, my wig was falling off, i had no audience to work with, and the camera man just appeared from nowhere and started filming, without saying anything.
    I know i'm complaining, but i was so much better than i was in this film, honest!

    Monday, 11 July 2011

    Nearly Kung Fu Time!

    Don't know if i've already blogged about this, but Marc Price asked me to be in a short action film which is finally coming together! In two weeks i'm going down to London (and i'm allowed with my now favorite cousin!) and i start learning the fight moves and choreography. It's all very exciting!

    It will get filmed towards the end of August, and very busy month for me with Heretic also filming. On the last night of filming Marc's Kung Fu film, i'm jumping straight on a train to leeds so i can film a scene for Heretic. But i would be complaining if i had nothing to do, so i'm very happy!

    Thursday, 7 July 2011

    Saturday Night, Monday Morning - Virgin Media Shorts

    This was our entry for the Vigin Media Shorts Competition.

    Tuesday, 28 June 2011

    Pregnant in the 70s

    For up to date blog posts, check out my new tumblr, it's much nicer over there!

    I found out about the location of the TV shoot the day before i had to go, so on friday morning i set off just after 5am, and followed my SatNav. I was happily traveling along the pretty, winding roads, apparently i had no idea how far north i was getting as i suddenly saw a sign saying "Welcome to Scotland!" Didn't expect it at all!

    I was going to a place called Duns, and i still didn't really know what was happening, but i made it in one piece at 8am being fueled by Rockstar energy, and i found out i would be someone called Pandora for a program called This September. I would be in a photograph that the main character finds from the 70s, and i had to wear a pregnant suit!
    While pregnant, i got such strange looks from the crew and cast as i wandered around, (i look quite young!) and questions like "is that real?"

    My hair was fabulous. It sat in heated rollers for a long time, and was backcombed into Cheryl Cole heights, although it dropped after that, but still looked awesome thanks to the spray glue.

    Once in my floral dress, we headed back to England to take photographs of me and two others. The location was so pretty, a place called Etal, with lovely little thatched cottages. They took lots of 70s style portraits, and some family shots, and got a few strange looks from the tourists, but it was fun!
    I've never been to this part of the country, an area that has towns called things like Upsettington, and Rapunzal towers in the middle of fields.

    After a lovely lunch, i set off home, but got caught up in all the traffic from people trying to see Kings of Leon at the stadium of light, and apparently the only way there was through the tyne tunnel! But i made it home eventually.

    Thursday, 16 June 2011

    A mysterious tv shoot!

    A very early start tomorrow, i'm off to a castle near Berwick for a stills shoot for a tv program. All i know is i've been asked to go tomorow because i look similar to the main character and the pictures are meant to be her when she was young! Will hopefully find out tomorrow.

    On sunday i was playing camera-woman for two poetry films, and i don't think i did too badly! One is up on Vimeo...

    Enjoy! (i'm pretty sure we got the biggest applause for it!)

    And Two Minutes Early!!! from John Noble on Vimeo.

    Just seen myself on Waterloo Road!

    So Cool! I'm on the far left talking to Jess when Karen Fisher walks over and interupts.
    I got a few texts saying, "have i just seen you on telly?"

    Wednesday, 8 June 2011

    Crime scene victim!

    On Thursday night i'm off to Newcastle where i will be covered in blood and filmed as part of a crime scene, i'm hoping i get some flash back scenes to where i'm alive?!
    There seems to be a continuation of the theme where i die in most films i'm in, is it the blonde hair?
    I think i'm going to die in Marc Price's Kung Fu movie as well, but at least i'll go down fighting dammit!

    Sunday, 22 May 2011

    I finally have some videos to show casting people!

    I seem to be getting an awful lot of silence on the audition front, and it's probably due to me only having a picture on my Spotlight page, a picture that doesn't look enough like me apparently, So after much delay, i stole some videos off Youtube and attempted to edit them myself on Movie Maker, and here is the result. 
     A shiny new Vimeo page. I have previously tried editing a couple of films together as a showreel, but the sound varied for each one, and might have been a bit annoying to watch, so this is my idea of an alternative, fingers crossed it works!

    I have added desperation now as i have officially cancelled my place at York College to do makeup, i couldn't deal with the idea of debt, so now i have to prove it was the right decision! 

    Friday, 20 May 2011

    Two days in the 1940s

    On Monday and Tuesday, i was an extra for a film called The Other Child, set in wartime Britain.
    The set was amazing, they had taken over a couple of streets in Stockton and made it look like it had been bombed, so there were piles of rubble and broken furniture everywhere, and even a burnt out car.

    They were very long days though, on Monday we worked from 10:30 til after midnight, but hey! It's all experience isn't it!?

    It had its fun moments, on Monday night we had to film us all running to the air-raid shelter, they had real explosions and a guy with a flame thrower hidden round a corner, so no-one really had to act scared! They even blew out a couple of windows by accident.
    The air raid shelter very cool, they had used a tunnel under the railway, boarded it up, and filled it with sandbags and mattresses, making it look like the tunnel to the London Underground. 
    They had flame throwers at the entrance of that too, and special things in the ceiling beams to make dust fall from them.

    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    We should go to Cannes?!

    And it was amazing! I got a special pass too, it let me in everywhere. But we were too busy enjoying the free drinks in the Short Film Corner to remember that there was a Pirates of the Carribean premiere on. We were in the building behind all these famous people, we could see all the crazy fans pressed up against the glass, (and saw the tiniest glimpse of Johnny Depp walking through inside.)

    We met up with Marc Price first, he tried to help us get accredited as part of his production company, but in the end we got passes in our own right.

    The amount of money that is in Cannes at the moment is scary, walking past all the yachts that are the size of three houses, and seeing all the private jets at the airport.
    Dawn was out there too, trying to get some of that money, she's pitching the promo trailer we made, and is out there for another couple of weeks. So good luck to her!

    On the evening, everyone heads to Le Petit Majestic, which is on a closed off street where all the cafes and bars put out chairs and tables. After chatting to Dawn and her friend, Marc Price texted that we should come along to the Optimum Party at The Grand (one of the biggest hotels in Cannes), and we got in! Free beer and inflatable sofas everywhere, along with actors from Marc's films.
    When me, Dawn, Mat and John Noble were leaving Le Petit Majestic, we heard our names being shouted, and turned around to find Bill Fellows and Nick Rountree (writer of The Tournament) waving at us. They were only in Cannes for a couple of days too, so it shows we picked the right weekend to go!
    We met back up with them after leaving the party to say goodbye, and met more of Bill and Nick's friends, one who was a huge fan of "The Jump", the 4hour challenge film, and another who was also a writer of the Tournament.
    If we had stayed longer, we might have ran into my agent, Sam Claypole, as she had flown out to Nice that day.

    On the beach infront of the Pavillions, every country had it's own. Tilda Swinton was doing a talk in the UK one.

    Wednesday, 11 May 2011

    Another photoshoot, vintage/gothic one this time

    Why not check out my new blog, it's much nicer over there!

    Another evening spent with Natalie Pluck, this time at Whorlton Castle in North Yorkshire, for a new fashion photography shoot
    You can't tell in the picture, but i had to climb up a wall to the second floor, and i'm sat in a fireplace on the first floor. The "castle" has no roof or floors, just floating doorways, corridors and fireplaces. Very cool place.

    I did my own makeup again, white foundation and exagerated cheek bones and eyebrows, and a lot of dark eyeshaddow. We also sprayed my hair white, and i don't think the pictures even look like me!
    I think the whole thing ended up very vintage gothic, if that makes sense?

    one of my finals.... i wish i could go back and re do all my work like this one...

    Jen colour, cant decide what to make of these ones

    The rain really added to this picture, softened the light in it, i'm very happy! x

    another final

    Thursday, 5 May 2011

    Film promo for Cannes!

    Over the bank holiday weekend, and a few days this week, i have been acting in a film trailer for film-maker Dawn Furness which she will then take with her to the Cannes Film Festival next week, with the hope that it will get financing.

    The film is a heist-thriller, and i'm playing the naive reporter trying to get a story by following very dangerous people, it's going to be good!
    On Tuesday night i was in Whitley Bay at the ice rink (where my mum saw Wham!). I stayed over in Newcastle with some of the other actors, thank you again, and Wednesday morning i got to wander into a real newsroom full of working journalists, and then sit down at a desk looking professional. All the while being filmed, but i don't think anyone around us knew what was happening.
    We also got a sneaky look at the presses rolling.

    After filming that, i was straight down to Durham for an audition, for Inspector George Gently. All very exciting, especially when i realised the audition was on the actual set, they had turned an old school into a 1960s police station, complete with holding cells and a car park full of 50s-60s cars. It made me very happy!

    After the audition, I made it to the train station for 15:17:36, and realised that the last train to get me back on time was at 15:18:00! I think it was a bit of fate that i'd already bought my ticket, and could get straight through the barriers and onto the train.

    I made it to Natalie Pluck's house in Guisbrough just after five, despite my satnav taking me to a blocked road, and we headed straight to the stables to do a photoshoot with some lovely horses, that kept trying to eat my jacket.

    Cowboys and Indians

    Jen, originally uploaded by Natalie Pluck.

    Last night, after an already very busy two days, i made it onto the train from Durham in time to get to Natalie Pluck's Cowboys and Indians inspired photoshoot.
    The shoot was based on an old tale about a western girl befriending a Native American Indian, but with a fashion twist, which basically meant lots of feathers in my hair and on my wrists, and a horse! Natalie is such a good stylist, and i wish i'd kept this dress. Her website can be found here!

    I went for a smoky eye using golds and bronzes, and i was covered in bronzer. Natalie painted my hair in photoshop so it would match the horse, and i think it looks really natural!

    The horse we were using was lovely, but it was afraid of the shutter sound, so every time Natalie took a picture it flinched and tried to get away. We got there in the end though, i'm really happy with the results.

    Jen 2, originally uploaded by Natalie Pluck.

    Wednesday, 20 April 2011

    Acting with guns!

    Stills from a short film called "Chance Encounter". This scene was shot in Swan Hunter ship building yard a few weeks ago.

    Wednesday, 13 April 2011

    An Attempt At Costume.

    How could i forget about my attempt at costume design, for the Palace of Varieties in the Empire, all being run by Company TSU.

    It ended up going nicely! I wish I had taken better photographs, but i received lots of complements about the outfits.

    I walked around with the very first group to see the whole thing, and it was all rather strange and surreal. It was a bit like a non-scary version of the HospitHELL thing i saw when we did Halloween Hollow with AtmosFEARS! The way that you walked into a room and were confronted by an actor who was constantly in character, and not making much sense about anything.
    There were films projected everywhere, most of them featured James Harris as Benjamin Likely, an eccentric Victorian telling you about the Palace of Varieties, and how "there are nearly....ten or eleven things in here!"
    It also showed the Bee film i made jumpers and glasses for, and they all looked insane pretending to be bees.

    The great film critic that is Mark Harrison, and his partner, turned up, along with actor Bill Fellows (who told me i'm now part of The Teesside Massif! Oh yes.)
    The night was also being filmed by a couple of guys i've worked with before, so hopefully i'll be able to get a copy.


    Rehearsing - Mother and daughter in 2050