Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jen the makeup artist

On Friday i got a text from an ex-ccad film student telling me she had been working as a makeup artist on a short film, but she couldn't make the shoot on Saturday, and would i be able to cover for her.
I agreed to it, following the James Harris rules of "Say yes first, then worry about what to do later." 

It turned out to be a film funded by Hartlepool United, and was part of a series of shorts about the history of Hartlepool. This particular film followed one man throughout the 1st and 2nd world wars and up until the 70s/80s.
It was my job to make to actors very dirty, one worked in a ship yard, and one was clearing up after an air raid. Another actor had to look younger then older.
I was picked up from Newcastle station and taken to Swan Hunter Ship yards, were i realised that one of the actors was my old Drama teacher. Small world. 

It was a very good day, i was very happy with all my makeup jobs, they seemed to work well, and i've agrred to read a script the director is sending me, as apparently i have the perfect look for a role in a film he is making.

The shooting of Hobgoblyn

On Thursday I headed to the Yorkshire dales with Rogue Frame Productions, to a place called Malham Cove in order to shoot my scenes for their film Hobgoblyn.
Awhile ago i auditioned for the part of a barmaid in their medieval short film, but was offered the part of a priestess/witch.
Apparently some parts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 were filmed there, and with a budget likes Harry Potters it would have been very easy for their crew to get to the location, but for a very, very low budget short, the only way up was to walk, for half an hour up steps!
I looked like i was on a Victorian expedition, me in my long skirts/dress, with a huge line of Sherpas carrying my luggage, snaking their way up the hill.

It was a very good location though, on huge grey cliffs over looking moors and fields as far as you could see. I wish i could upload pictures of me in my amazing makeup and dark, curly wig, make up slightly inspired by Black Swan, but they don't want the film to be spoiled by pictures on the Internet of the films big reveals!

Can't wait to see the finished thing.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Halloween Hollow 2011!

Looks like i might be spending another Halloween in the woods of Stockeld park again, and they've just uploaded last year's film.
I look terrible in it though! It was the first night, my wig was falling off, i had no audience to work with, and the camera man just appeared from nowhere and started filming, without saying anything.
I know i'm complaining, but i was so much better than i was in this film, honest!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Nearly Kung Fu Time!

Don't know if i've already blogged about this, but Marc Price asked me to be in a short action film which is finally coming together! In two weeks i'm going down to London (and i'm allowed with my now favorite cousin!) and i start learning the fight moves and choreography. It's all very exciting!

It will get filmed towards the end of August, and very busy month for me with Heretic also filming. On the last night of filming Marc's Kung Fu film, i'm jumping straight on a train to leeds so i can film a scene for Heretic. But i would be complaining if i had nothing to do, so i'm very happy!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Saturday Night, Monday Morning - Virgin Media Shorts

This was our entry for the Vigin Media Shorts Competition.