Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Gunrunner Nun

The other week i had an audition in York for an independent film called Gunrunner Nun, for the part of a young girl called Harriet,  

When Gustav Gundersson decides he wants his teenage daughter Harriet to leave their small seaside town and move to the City, he offers a local Nun some money to walk her there.
They begin the two day journey, with the Nun -Ailsa- offering the teenage Harriet a crash course in religion, ethics and morals.
Their journey soon takes a turn for the worse however, when they encounter a woodland full of warriors, religious zealots and lunatics...

I thought the audition went really well and i was happy about it, even though i thought i would miss it. The audition was at 10am, my train got in at 9:50, and google maps told me it took 12 minutes to walk there! But i made it, and that evening i got an email telling me they were very impressed with me. Then the other day i was told they wanted to offer me the role!
Filming starts in January, should be fun.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ground Floor by Rayne

Just watched the music video i was in, and it looks pretty good, and the band sound really happy with it. It's going to be released on the 17th so i'll post it then. In the mean time...there's more photos!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

No more Tim Roth Film

Last week my agent, Sam Claypole, called me about my Liability audition. I had been given a part, but they weren't keen to part with any money, wanting to pay minimum wage, not Equity minimum wage, but £5 and hour!
The most they were willing to stretch to was £37 for the whole thing! Sam said she had just laughed at them down the phone!
She wasn't happy with me doing what was basically a lingerie shoot for less than forty quid. We decided that if they could guarantee me a IMDB credit, i would go ahead with it, but the next day Sam called to say she had turned it down. They wouldn't budge from £40, and no IMDB. I would have been spending more on petrol for nothing.

Then i got a group email sent to everyone in JPM Extras, (they must have been supplying everyone else) to say they were dropping out of the job because the production company only wanted to pay £5 and hour for twelve hour days.
So it looks like The Liability may be a bit stuck< shouldn't be so tight then should they!

Saw-style music video

I'm sure i was just blogging about always being a plan B! Well, it happened again.
Melting Point Media had already asked me to be makeup artist for their latest music video, but their actress dropped out, so i was offered the part.

They wanted the classic horror movie chic, tears streaming, but still looking good. But i had to wear a horrible head-mask-thing that someone had constructed, and it was meant to look attached to chains and a huge metal frame. Lets just say i wasn't sad when the finally wrapped!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Presenting for BTV

Here's my first video from BTV, I'm on at about 7:20.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Tim Roth film

Today i was at an open casting for supporting artists for the upcoming film The Liability, starring Tim Roth and Talulah Riley.

Apparently i was auditioning for the part of an Eastern European girl, possibly Talulah Riley's sister, but either way i had to put on a blindfold and cry all panicky.
Rob Earnshaw was the casting director, and he couldn't stop apologizing for having to make me carry out such a strange request. Apparently he'd only just been told we had to be blindfolded, and he was so glad he already knew me, otherwise he feared looking like a creepy pervert!

Before the auditions, there had been rumours circulating among the girls that in the audition room there was a bed where you would be required to strip to your underwear and be tied down for a photo. To which Rob replied, "You should just run out the office past everyone in tears like you've been through some horrific audition!"

But i think it went well! I hope to hear back from them. It starts filming at the end of the month.

In other news, Jonathan Lamb, the photographer from Heretic, has just launched a new website for himself as a designer and photographer, and his work is amazing! Check it out here.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I seem to be everyone's Plan B

I seem to always get calls from people that have had actors/models and crew not turn up, and ask if i could fill in, and today was another one of those days.

Natalie Pluck called to say her model had got the dates of the shoot mixed up, and was i free, and as it happens i have no life, so she headed straight to my house to sort clothes, hair and makeup for a photoshoot.

We were planning to shoot at some caves in Hartlepool, which sounded beautiful, i never even knew Hartlepool had caves! But the tide was against us, so we went back to Sheep Wash in the North York Moors. At least we got something out of the day.

Here is the first photo:

Also, the other day i was asked to do makeup for a music video on Sunday. Will definitely be different!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

An audition!

Last Monday i got a call from Rob Earnshaw Casting about an audition happening on the Saturday in Newcastle, which was fine. But then my email account decided that it really didn't like Jade at Rob Earnshaw Casting, so gmail didn't let any of her emails get through, which was a bit annoying as the email contained the script and the address for the audition.

After days of phone calls to Jade, it got to thursday and we had a new plan, we would sent as many emails from as many different accounts as we could in the hopes one would get through. She was running round her office to use other people's accounts, and i was busy sending from my mum's, my msn one (the one with the embarrassing address everyone always has!) and some friends i was talking to on facebook at the time.
I finally got the script on friday from The Face models (a branch of Rob Earnshaw) to my mum's account.

And i thought, hey! That's got to be as bad as it gets! But i forgot that my satnav hates me at the moment, and wont ever find the satellites. I remembered this fifteen minutes into my journey to Newcastle when i had no time to turn back. So i struggled on. The audition was in the same place as the modeling agency, so i kept driving, telling myself i would remember the way, and as i finally pulled up in the right car park, my satnav started working and announced proudly, "you have reached your destination!" Patronising thing.

Oh, and the audition went quite well, it was funny meeting Jade in person finally.
It was a short film, about three pages, so there was a bit of improvising which could have gone better!
I was first to be seen, so i'm hoping that makes me more memorable? I'm telling myself that anyway!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Back from Halloween

Although this year was fun, i think i must have hyped last year's scare attraction in my mind. What i had forgotten about was the long hours spent rehearsing in the freezing cold, then the even longer hours spent performing in the freezing cold and, this year, rain.

I realise now that last year we were so lucky with the weather, i remember at one point being too warm, but this year i sneaked my ski jacket under my costume and was still shivering.
We had half an hour of torrential rain on the third night, and i spent most of it hiding under a bridge pretending to be a troll for if any more people walked through.

One good thing was that i realised a photo of me from last year was printed on a huge canvas in the cafe.

I won't be doing it again next year, but Gary, the producer, told me about a new scare attraction happening in Sunderland next year, so i might give it a go.