Friday, 23 November 2012

The Promise

Tonight we went to see a studio play called the promise, and as a none-theatre-goer I really enjoyed it. Joanna Vanderham from the Paradise was starring in it so we went along to say hello and have a drink.
The play was about Lenningrad in the 2nd world war, and quite dark, but very interesting, definitely go see it!

Jen x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pictures From Paradise.

After stalking people on Twitter for ages, (i've only just discovered how it works) I spent the rest of the evening print screening The Paradise off iPlayer.
So here are my lovely close ups, if only i'd had some lines...



Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Navajo Youth

When I was in Leeds the other week I was meant to go and hang out at a band rehearsal that my friend Ollie plays synth for, but the night before I was far too drunk with my Heretic buddys so missed everything.
But the band, Navajo Youth, were rehearsing for a gig at the cockpit in Leeds where they were supporting Ladyhawke, which was an amazing gig according to some of my friends that were there.
They have a really nice sound, sort of electro pop. Have a listen.


Monday, 12 November 2012

A New Start in London...

So much to catch up on i don't know where to start! In need of bullet points for those who care:
  • Finished Paradise
  • Found a flat in London
  • Got pulled back into Paradise for the last week
  • Moved to London
  • Got in touch with a modelling agency ( Thanks soo much to Angela for helping with that!)
  • Found out Heretic was premiering at Leeds International Film Festival
  • Met up with the crew in Leeds
  • Then missed the premiere to see Alt-J at the Electric Ballroom (worth it!)
I really will try to keep this up to date, no one actually reads it, but it's all for my own sanity, so stay with me. It should all get interesting soon enough!
In the mean time.....

The best christmas present!

Front row for Alt-J in Camden, the last great-small gig they'll ever do. There was something extra special about that gig, they even said so themselves, after they finished with Taro.
They were supported by Stealing Sheep, who were also amazing.