Sunday, 23 October 2011

I'm a kind of presenter now!

I spent last night travelling round the north east presenting in night clubs with BTV, a new online tv channel. We started out in a couple of clubs in Newcastle, then one in South Shields, then ended up in Sunderland.
It was definitely interesting, but the camera man and producer were very happy with me!

To see the last show, just click this.
The only problem i think there might be is that because it was so loud in the clubs, i had to shout, and it might make my voice sound really screechy and horrible.

The show should be out next week. I'm heading down to york today to pick up my friend Sam, and we will be off to Weatherby to start rehearsing for the Halloween scare acting gig! Exciting!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Some photos from the new photo shoot..

Me and Natalie headed into the woods for another photoshoot, here's some of the pictures. I did the make up myself, which i was quite proud of!

I think the styling was originally inspired by birds and the woodlands, but that got as far as clipping feathers to my hair and dress, but i'm not complaining, it looked nice!

If we were to do it again, i would love to try makeup where i had feathers surrounding my eyes, or on my eyebrows, but that may be more editorial?
For more up to date shoots, check out my new blog on tumblr

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hey look! My hand is a little bit famous!

Clearly have nothing else to blog about!

Original page

Monday, 10 October 2011

Just when it's all going nicely...

....things get cancelled! Yup, the Strawberry Lemonade shoot was cancelled on Saturday night when we were due to start filming on Sunday. I was gutted! Already spent two, very long days rehearsing, and organised my costume and hair and makeup. The other actress was ill, so we didn't go ahead with it.

But, they say that things happen for a reason. One good thing that came out of being involved with this production, was that i met Adam Baroni of BaloneyTelevision. He's just started a new Internet channel that goes out filming in clubs around the North East, then people can be tagged in the videos. He's looking for presenters, and is going to give me a trial on Wednesday in Newcastle. Fingers crossed it goes well!

In the mean time, i'm living out that cliché of being an aspiring actress, working as a waitress. It had to happen some time.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Fright Night is Close!

We've been given the rehearsal dates for Halloween, and the script is almost finished! It's all getting exciting again, i love Halloween, and this year i get a whole week of it, but don't have to work on the 31st! It's a win win for me!

Just looking at the website for Stockeld Park, where we'll be, and i can't wait.

Here's some of my friends from last year:

That's Sam as the scary cannibal

Rachel as Snow Bite

Michael as a Werewolf

I'm Writing My Own Film!

...and it will have speed boats in it! Anyone want a part?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Law And Disorder

A trailer i was in for Tom Marshall ages ago (I'm at the end!)

Law & Disorder Trailer from Tom Marshall on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Photoshoot with a lovely car!

Photographs from Natalie's vintage fashion shoot. We're doing a new one on Thursday, inspired by birds!
I love the car we used, a Triumph Herald that belongs to a family friend, and i think all the photos from this series look so seventies, glamorous and decadent!
You can't tell in these pictures, but we loaded up the car-rack with loads of vintage suitcases, and it really looked the part!

Jen Nelson

1940's inspired shoot

Behind the scenes!

So much happened....and i just didn't blog it!

Well! I think i need a list. Since the last post i've:
As Claire in Heretic
  • Been to London and done Kung Fu training.
  • Rehearsed for Heretic, the horror film.
  • Started shooting on Heretic. Heretic Blog
  • Headed to London half way through the Heretic shoot to film The Way of The Monkey's Claw with Marc Price. Monkey's Claw Trailer
  • After filming in London for three days, (and getting up at 5am everyday) I got on a train back to Leeds, arrived at 11pm, and went straight into a Heretic night shoot until 8am the next day. 
  • Finished shooting on Heretic after two weeks and an amazing wrap party. 
  • Went for an interview at a new modeling agency in Newcastle called The Face, and got signed to them!
  • Found out i'll be in "The Garden Of Evil" At Halloween for the scare attraction.
  • Got a part in a short film called Strawberry Lemonade where i will play a prostitute, directed by Garry Moore.
  • And was in a couple of viral videos by Tom Marshall for a recruitment company called Reed. (Video at the bottom)
    Heretic Crew

    Reed Club from Tom Marshall on Vimeo.