Friday, 24 February 2012


Just passed 3,000 page views! Thank you to whoever keeps reading my blog! Busy week next week, photos and videos to come.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Re-post - Bright Beauty Shoot

On Thursday i went up to Hartlepool to the Uni to model for a beauty shoot. Jess Shaw, who i've worked with on films, was doing the make up, and Danni the photographer wanted very colourful pictures.
Unfortunately everyone had forgotten that the art college closed two hours early on a Thursday so we didn't get as many pictures as we'd hoped, but the makeup still looked good and i made my first making-of video! It was only on my Blackberry so the quality isn't too good, but hey, at least i tried!
I even got to keep the huge, multi-coloured eyelashes they used, but when i got home wearing them my mum asked if i was meant to be a parrot, so i might just save them for Halloween, or the odd rave?

Here are some of my photos:

(I've now moved to tumblr, why not have a look? )

For inspiration, we had lots of pictures of very colourful make up and eyelashes:


Love this one!

I would love to do an Alex Box style photo shoot one day, the kind of pictures she did with Rankin, we were all obsessed with their work when i was at art college, you should check out more of it. Here's some:

To get the really bright colours, Jess used kryolan water-based paint, then layered bright eyeshaddows on top. I'll have the  final photos from my shoot soon, but for now just enjoy my little making-of video, hope it's ok! jx

Untitled from Jen Nelson on Vimeo.