Friday, 10 December 2010

Special Effects Makeup... it trying to pull me back in?

I thought i had finally decided against going to do make-up at York, but just before concept film night on Wednesday, i was talking to some students about them making a Grindhouse zombie film.

They just mentioned that they would need a severed head, and i just so happen to have one of those. So we started talking, and he would need a lot more things made, eg. various body parts and lots of blood.
The next day when i checked my emails, i had a newsletter from a makeup course i subscribed to a while back, and they had posted a few videos about the course.
I started to get excited about making the body parts, and i really got into researching suppliers for materials such as gelatin (used for fake wounds), i even started a list of websites for various products:

But the question is, do i prefer to be applying the make-up, or prefer having it done for me? Would i be more satisfied just watching a professional make-up artist do my make-up?

I got the part!

Dear Jen,

Thank you for attending the call back auditions for Heretic last Saturday.

We are delighted to say that we would like to offer you the role of Claire. Congratulations!
It's so exciting, a nice, real-life feature film, just what i wanted. 

The guy from Concept Film Night also got in touch, and he's writing a thriller about four friends who go camping, and it all goes bad when they get lost, and he wants me to have a read of the script!
So i guess it's all horror acting for me, luckily i can draw on my "scare-acting on Halloween in the woods" experience.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Yey acting.

I'm a member of Spotlight! Finally! Check me out,

In other news from yesterday, i went to the first rehearsals for the live studio project, and i'm going to be given more lines.

Last night was Concept Film Night, and i was in two of the films shown, The Jump and The Woman Who Loved A Tree.
At the end, a film maker came over to me and told me about a script he was writing for a film, and that he thought i would be great for one of the lead roles! So i gave him my card and he said he'd be in touch.
As well as that, Chris from Writers' Block, a writer and poet among other things, asked if i would be interested in a part in a play he had written, so it's all looking good on the job front, i hope!


Monday, 6 December 2010

Heretic Audition.

I think the audition on Saturday went well, but i'm worried i'll jinx it! 
I don't yet know if there have been a separate set of auditions to find the extra characters, because at the first audition i was the only one reading  for Claire. So i really wanted to see who my competition was.
If i'm to hear anything, it will be next week, and i really want to hear something good!