Sunday, 19 January 2014

Shot by Natalie

I've just got back to London after two weeks in North Yorkshire with my family, and I've been even more cut off from the world because my phone was sent away and came back completely reset :( 

But besides that, it was lovely! I even had a chance to do a little Photoshoot with Natalie Pluck (who's soon to be featured in Vogue for her wedding photography!) 

Because of the "hurricane" in the UK these last few days, we decided against an outdoor shoot and made use of Natalie's studio kit, and her extensive collection of colourful makeup.
The white that you can see is talc, and I was throwing it at myself throughout the photos for effect. In classic Jen/Natalie shoot style, there was only the two of us there to try do everything.

I love shooting with Natalie, it's always so relaxed. I don't think I'll ever work with another photographer who'll let me try to get through ten different hairstyles using just one hair grip, just for fun. And I think I managed it! The proof will be somewhere.

If you're interested in gorgeous, relaxed, happy and non intrusive wedding photography, go look at Natalie's website and book her quickly, before she becomes too popular! 

Jen Nelson x

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