Friday, 10 December 2010

Special Effects Makeup... it trying to pull me back in?

I thought i had finally decided against going to do make-up at York, but just before concept film night on Wednesday, i was talking to some students about them making a Grindhouse zombie film.

They just mentioned that they would need a severed head, and i just so happen to have one of those. So we started talking, and he would need a lot more things made, eg. various body parts and lots of blood.
The next day when i checked my emails, i had a newsletter from a makeup course i subscribed to a while back, and they had posted a few videos about the course.
I started to get excited about making the body parts, and i really got into researching suppliers for materials such as gelatin (used for fake wounds), i even started a list of websites for various products:

But the question is, do i prefer to be applying the make-up, or prefer having it done for me? Would i be more satisfied just watching a professional make-up artist do my make-up?

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  1. Hi Jennifer

    I found your blog using a Google Alert on 'Makeup effects', and read with interest about the stuff you have been getting up to.

    I think that if you intend to stick makeup on other peoples faces for a living, it is certainly a good idea to know what it feels like to have it applied to you. If you are looking at being an actress, then I imagine you will be prodded, painted and prostheticed (is that even a word?) up plenty over the years.

    If you are interested in makeup effects, I have some free tutorials and a blog of my own which has has video tutorials too.

    I have been lucky enough to have made a career out of making bits of rubber to stick onto peoples faces and I certainly get excited by performers who like to wear extensive makeups. That way we both have a fun day at work.

    Good luck with your career, and the blog!