Sunday, 30 January 2011

Almost famous (on itv's look north)

I was interviewed for itv about my friend's, John Noble, student project.
He's making a commercial/trailer for the Regent cinema in Redcar
(famous for being in Atonement).
He needed lots of extras to play the cinema audience, so he was on the
radio, in the newspaper (even though they made it sound like he made
Atonement) and on itv. I was interviewed too, but the stand-in
interviewer gave me too much to think about saying, so I came off
sounding boring and mumbling my words, so obviously they didn't use
it. But apparently you could see me in the background!

It makes me think I should just apply for the acting workshop I saw
advertised. Over six weeks, six three-hour sessions in London with
different casting directors, learning about audition techniques. £150,
but then I'd have to get to London every week for six weeks!

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