Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Forgotton Posts...

Some time in December, i got a phone call from Tom Marshall, a film maker. I'd seen his film, "Happy Clapper" at concept film night, and it was clearly one of the best on show.

Tom called me because he was entering a short film competition for Pepsi, and was wondering if i would like a small part in it.
I think it was one of the easiest jobs i've done so far! I just sat up and looked lovingly at the other actor, about an hours work!
But Tom Marshall confidently told me that he will remember me for future projects, when he has a real budget.

Getting back up to date, i spent Monday in a wedding dress outside in the bitter cold, filming a commercial for The Wool Room, a Bradford based company, which will be used for the live studio project, and on the company's website.

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