Wednesday, 13 April 2011

An Attempt At Costume.

How could i forget about my attempt at costume design, for the Palace of Varieties in the Empire, all being run by Company TSU.

It ended up going nicely! I wish I had taken better photographs, but i received lots of complements about the outfits.

I walked around with the very first group to see the whole thing, and it was all rather strange and surreal. It was a bit like a non-scary version of the HospitHELL thing i saw when we did Halloween Hollow with AtmosFEARS! The way that you walked into a room and were confronted by an actor who was constantly in character, and not making much sense about anything.
There were films projected everywhere, most of them featured James Harris as Benjamin Likely, an eccentric Victorian telling you about the Palace of Varieties, and how "there are nearly....ten or eleven things in here!"
It also showed the Bee film i made jumpers and glasses for, and they all looked insane pretending to be bees.

The great film critic that is Mark Harrison, and his partner, turned up, along with actor Bill Fellows (who told me i'm now part of The Teesside Massif! Oh yes.)
The night was also being filmed by a couple of guys i've worked with before, so hopefully i'll be able to get a copy.


Rehearsing - Mother and daughter in 2050


  1. Partner, my arse.

  2. I'd have preferred "Great and 100% heterosexual", but I'll take it...