Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The most last minute audition!

On Saturday morning i got a text from my agent telling me about an audition in Newcastle at 1pm, but by the time i read the text it was just before 11am, and it takes an hour and a half to get there on the train.
The good news is that i made it on time, and found out what it was for.

Every year a group of 15-19 year olds is taught by professional film makers, and their films are sent to film-festivals all over the place. This audition was the first time they were working with actors, but it was fun.

I had to go straight in and do a cold read of two different scripts with another actor, in front of all the 15-19 year olds, playing male roles in both of them, which was all definitely a challenge! (Which is why i think they only did this with us and two others!)
Afterwards we were meant to be rotated in groups of two to meet all the groups. But after i had worked with the first group, (a mockumentary about a cocky lifeguard who thought he was wonderful), the film-maker running the audition, Ian Fenton, pulled me to one side and said they liked what they saw, and i could go enjoy the sunshine, they would be in touch.
Sure enough, that evening i got a text from Sam about a call-back the next day in the Tyneside Cinema again.
I spent two hours turning into a zombie, every time with a different actor to lunge at. (They were testing out how people looked and acted together).

Before getting the train home, we stopped for a beer in the sun, and happened to meet up with an actor called Jimmy Hagri, and we ended up drinking until late, and making plans to do an action film.

Apparently i'm pencilled in to act for the 15-19 year olds films next week, i'll find out at the weekend!

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