Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jen the makeup artist

On Friday i got a text from an ex-ccad film student telling me she had been working as a makeup artist on a short film, but she couldn't make the shoot on Saturday, and would i be able to cover for her.
I agreed to it, following the James Harris rules of "Say yes first, then worry about what to do later." 

It turned out to be a film funded by Hartlepool United, and was part of a series of shorts about the history of Hartlepool. This particular film followed one man throughout the 1st and 2nd world wars and up until the 70s/80s.
It was my job to make to actors very dirty, one worked in a ship yard, and one was clearing up after an air raid. Another actor had to look younger then older.
I was picked up from Newcastle station and taken to Swan Hunter Ship yards, were i realised that one of the actors was my old Drama teacher. Small world. 

It was a very good day, i was very happy with all my makeup jobs, they seemed to work well, and i've agrred to read a script the director is sending me, as apparently i have the perfect look for a role in a film he is making.

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