Tuesday, 4 October 2011

So much happened....and i just didn't blog it!

Well! I think i need a list. Since the last post i've:
As Claire in Heretic
  • Been to London and done Kung Fu training.
  • Rehearsed for Heretic, the horror film.
  • Started shooting on Heretic. Heretic Blog
  • Headed to London half way through the Heretic shoot to film The Way of The Monkey's Claw with Marc Price. Monkey's Claw Trailer
  • After filming in London for three days, (and getting up at 5am everyday) I got on a train back to Leeds, arrived at 11pm, and went straight into a Heretic night shoot until 8am the next day. 
  • Finished shooting on Heretic after two weeks and an amazing wrap party. 
  • Went for an interview at a new modeling agency in Newcastle called The Face, and got signed to them!
  • Found out i'll be in "The Garden Of Evil" At Halloween for the scare attraction.
  • Got a part in a short film called Strawberry Lemonade where i will play a prostitute, directed by Garry Moore.
  • And was in a couple of viral videos by Tom Marshall for a recruitment company called Reed. (Video at the bottom)
    Heretic Crew

    Reed Club from Tom Marshall on Vimeo.

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