Monday, 10 October 2011

Just when it's all going nicely...

....things get cancelled! Yup, the Strawberry Lemonade shoot was cancelled on Saturday night when we were due to start filming on Sunday. I was gutted! Already spent two, very long days rehearsing, and organised my costume and hair and makeup. The other actress was ill, so we didn't go ahead with it.

But, they say that things happen for a reason. One good thing that came out of being involved with this production, was that i met Adam Baroni of BaloneyTelevision. He's just started a new Internet channel that goes out filming in clubs around the North East, then people can be tagged in the videos. He's looking for presenters, and is going to give me a trial on Wednesday in Newcastle. Fingers crossed it goes well!

In the mean time, i'm living out that cliché of being an aspiring actress, working as a waitress. It had to happen some time.

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