Thursday, 8 December 2011


London is always fun, i met up with my lovely friend Ped on Sunday and we headed to the pub in Tooting where most of Monkey's Claw was filmed, and we found Marc and a lot of the actors and crew from the film.

As well as the trailer and film clips being shown, they were showing lots other short films to enjoy our popcorn too, including an amazing documentary of a laundrette. It sounds bad, but it was so "thought provoking", and apparently the BFI had called it one of the best documentaries they'd seen, (or something like that). I loved the questions they were asking, like, "What's the most beautiful thing you've ever see?" or "What have you been thinking about today?". Very simple, but the different responses were amazing.
The other films were all such high quality, and it was amazing to think that most of them were a result of people meeting in this particular pub.

I've also been asked to audition for one of the film makers there that night, so not all fun times, managed to fit in some networking too!

Way Of The Monkey's Claw Trailer

Also in London, i got to visit a cupcake shop in Covent Garden i've been dying to see ever since i became obsessed with their cookbook, called the Primrose bakery. There wasn't enough room to sit down, but i still got to buy their pretty cakes that me and Ped happily enjoyed x

Rose flavour and triple chocolate flavour.


Yummy food in Camden

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