Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sorry i haven't posted for ages!

I looked like this most for most of Christmas/New Year, which isn't exactly the right mind frame for blogging =D

Everything is halted on Gunnrunner Nun unfortunately because the writer is in talks with an American company, and might be selling the script. So don't know what's happening with that.

When i was in London last, i met Nida Manzoor, a friend of Marc Price and another film maker, and she's asked me to look a script she wrote, which looks amazing! So i really hope she still wants me for it.
She had set backs too, apparently you're not allowed to film in a games arcade, who knew?! Something to do with copyright, which is a problem as the whole film is set in a games arcade.
But not to worry, Nida managed to find an old game from somewhere, so hopefully everything's back on track for filming in Swansea, Wales, in March.

Can't wait! x

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