Thursday, 7 June 2012

Geronimo Costumes

Once again i have neglected my blog terribly. I spent most of May working as Wardrobe Assistant for a play on at the ARC called Geronimo. Really i should have put up the poster before the play was on to advertise it, but i'm very forgetful when it comes to this blog!
Here's the poster anyway!

I think doing costume jobs like this, i was working with the production designer who had a very good idea about what she wanted, but it was interesting interpreting it all myself, and trying to find clothes that worked well.
And they seemed happy with the results.
I also got to see my friend Bill Fellows after the last performance, who was very encouraging about my decision to move to London this summer (I'll explain later), we're even going to the Groucho Club when i'm there!!

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