Thursday, 19 April 2012

1950 Something with Natalie

For another part of the 19-something project, we were working on a 1950s style photo. We planned on shooting two models (bang bang), but the model dropped out so once again we were just left with me.

To solve this problem, we went wig shopping and went halves on a platinum blond wig, which looked amazing!

We were using the little Triumph sports car again, but wanted a more fun feel to the pictures. Natalie was able to borrow lots of nice vintage dresses and we shopped for the rest.
I tried doing my makeup to look as different as i could from the other photos, so i filled in my lips in a different shape, used different eye makeup etc.
I really love all the colours in this shoot, and the red lipstick really matches the colour of the car! I'm so excited to see the full project!

I think some of the photos on the car bonnet look like part of a beauty shoot, i'll have to get some more off Natalie, but for now, here's some of the first edits:

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