Wednesday, 17 November 2010

She's doing something right!

I finally watched An Education last night, and i can definitely see what all the hype at festivals was about.

I watched it thinking the whole time, "this is good acting, watch her closely!" Her being Carey Mulligan, Britain's biggest success at the moment, but i fear that may just be because Keira Knightley's huge stack of in production films aren't due to be released until 2011, and she hasn't been seen to be around for a while, but she will be back.

Although Carey Mulligan is actually in a Knightley film, which looks pretty good, i think it's out now? I plan to go see it.

At the moment i am slightly obsessed with Carey Mulligan, as she started acting around the age of 18-19, and she didn't go to drama school, in fact she was rejected from three. But she's definitely doing something right! Oh to be her!

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