Friday, 12 November 2010

Writers' Block

Is literally the best place ever! Even better is that it's moving to a BBC building, but i will miss the cool shop full of bean-bags.

They let me act in things, regardless of how well i have done previously. For example,

The Musk of Lemons, in which i was terrible, but it was very fun to dress up in Victorian clothes and have curly hair and a fan for a day, and stills from the film look lovely!

Marc Price Day. I got to be the first victim, which involved having a gun and getting dragged behind a bookshelf in an old library, only to be killed off camera, complete with horrific sound effects.

Newcastle 48hr Film Competition - The Woman Who Loved A Tree. I got a phone call at 11 o'clock on the Saturday morning asking if i was free all day, and if so, could James Harris and Laura Degnan pick me up to go to Newcastle to film a Mockumentary about a woman in love with a tree, i said yes, and all of a sudden we're cleaning up at the awards ceremony the week after!
Best Actress (so very nearly me!), best writing, honorable mention for music, honorable mention for actor, best directors, audience choice award, and best overall film!

If it's classed as acting, i was dressed as Peg Powler for The Big Draw, and was in a shop window all day.

And most recently, Flip For Boro 4hr Film Challenge. Once in groups, and given the River Tees as our location, a very odd conversation led us to the film idea of making a behind the scenes documentary where a film crew were trying to encourage Bill Fellows, my fellow actor, to jump off the Transporter Bridge. Fun was had all round! And i came away from the day with the promise that Mr. Fellows would put me in touch with his agent, very cool guy.

Tonight they are holding a Q&A with Nick Rowntree, creator of The Tournament starring Robert Carlisle, which i very much wanted to go to. However, my career as a professional babysitter called upon my services, so here i am, reminiscing past events.

Oh well, i'm there in spirit.

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