Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Train tickets booked.

Just booked my train tickets to Leeds for my Heretic call back on Saturday and it's all very exciting.
I read through the script extract they sent me, and it all looks really good. I really want this role now!
The main scene this character has, is spent trying to convince a man not to hang her and make it look like suicide, so it's pretty traumatic, but very memorable. Looks like the tear-stick will be coming out on Saturday.

In other news, Gary is organising a Halloween Hollow reunion in Leeds for the new year, as most of us couldn't make the official AtmosFEARS! wrap party with it being in Manchester. Can't wait to see my scare-acting friends again, no-one else can relate to spending three hours alone in the woods at night, with wolves and witch cackles happening spontaneously around us.

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