Thursday, 19 April 2012

1930 something

Last week me and Natalie Pluck headed off to Pickering Railway Station for a new photoshoot, as part of a series she's doing entitled "19-Something".
The train lines that run through these stations are the ones they used in Harry Potter, and Goathland (or Hogsmead station) is just down the road. We chose Pickering mostly because the platform is covered, and it was raining. But it's been preserved as a 1920s style platform, and even has luggage and trunks stacked up everywhere, (we had to stop Natalie taking them all home).

We had even brought my dad's old 1930s Aerial motorbike to use as a prop at Levisham station later on.

We had quite a little crowd of people around us taking photos of me dressed up on the platform. The station master was really happy with the pictures we showed him. The steam really makes the photos look so dramatic, even though we had a lot of pictures that were completely white, but it was all in camera effects which i think makes it that much more magical. Jx

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