Monday, 2 April 2012

Happy April Fool's Day!

Thought i'd post this because it's make-up related, yesterday morning i wandered down to the kitchen to tell my mum i fell out of bed in the night, and i looked like this.

A lovely, fake, fat/split-lip bruise with swelling! Unfortunately i couldn't keep my face straight long enough to tell my whole story to my mum, and once she knew it was fake she bust out crying with relief :-/

Next tactic was facebook, but again i got too many concerned messages, so i had to come clean, it does look painful!

I did the bruise with blue lip shimmer, blue/green eyeshadow, red smudgy eyeliner. And the split lip was black eye liner with a splodge of red lip gloss and voila! Then to add that painful swelling i stuffed cotton wool inside my lip.

Would be good for Halloween..... jx 

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