Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Another photoshoot, vintage/gothic one this time

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Another evening spent with Natalie Pluck, this time at Whorlton Castle in North Yorkshire, for a new fashion photography shoot
You can't tell in the picture, but i had to climb up a wall to the second floor, and i'm sat in a fireplace on the first floor. The "castle" has no roof or floors, just floating doorways, corridors and fireplaces. Very cool place.

I did my own makeup again, white foundation and exagerated cheek bones and eyebrows, and a lot of dark eyeshaddow. We also sprayed my hair white, and i don't think the pictures even look like me!
I think the whole thing ended up very vintage gothic, if that makes sense?

one of my finals.... i wish i could go back and re do all my work like this one...

Jen colour, cant decide what to make of these ones

The rain really added to this picture, softened the light in it, i'm very happy! x

another final

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