Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cowboys and Indians

Jen, originally uploaded by Natalie Pluck.

Last night, after an already very busy two days, i made it onto the train from Durham in time to get to Natalie Pluck's Cowboys and Indians inspired photoshoot.
The shoot was based on an old tale about a western girl befriending a Native American Indian, but with a fashion twist, which basically meant lots of feathers in my hair and on my wrists, and a horse! Natalie is such a good stylist, and i wish i'd kept this dress. Her website can be found here!

I went for a smoky eye using golds and bronzes, and i was covered in bronzer. Natalie painted my hair in photoshop so it would match the horse, and i think it looks really natural!

The horse we were using was lovely, but it was afraid of the shutter sound, so every time Natalie took a picture it flinched and tried to get away. We got there in the end though, i'm really happy with the results.

Jen 2, originally uploaded by Natalie Pluck.

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