Friday, 20 May 2011

Two days in the 1940s

On Monday and Tuesday, i was an extra for a film called The Other Child, set in wartime Britain.
The set was amazing, they had taken over a couple of streets in Stockton and made it look like it had been bombed, so there were piles of rubble and broken furniture everywhere, and even a burnt out car.

They were very long days though, on Monday we worked from 10:30 til after midnight, but hey! It's all experience isn't it!?

It had its fun moments, on Monday night we had to film us all running to the air-raid shelter, they had real explosions and a guy with a flame thrower hidden round a corner, so no-one really had to act scared! They even blew out a couple of windows by accident.
The air raid shelter very cool, they had used a tunnel under the railway, boarded it up, and filled it with sandbags and mattresses, making it look like the tunnel to the London Underground. 
They had flame throwers at the entrance of that too, and special things in the ceiling beams to make dust fall from them.

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