Sunday, 22 May 2011

I finally have some videos to show casting people!

I seem to be getting an awful lot of silence on the audition front, and it's probably due to me only having a picture on my Spotlight page, a picture that doesn't look enough like me apparently, So after much delay, i stole some videos off Youtube and attempted to edit them myself on Movie Maker, and here is the result. 
 A shiny new Vimeo page. I have previously tried editing a couple of films together as a showreel, but the sound varied for each one, and might have been a bit annoying to watch, so this is my idea of an alternative, fingers crossed it works!

I have added desperation now as i have officially cancelled my place at York College to do makeup, i couldn't deal with the idea of debt, so now i have to prove it was the right decision! 

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