Wednesday, 16 March 2011 now i'm a costume designer/stylist?

A few weeks ago, Laura called me asking if i was interested in a costume job, and i said yes, and didn't think any more about it.
Then, last week someone from the TSU Company got in touch asking if i was free to meet him and discuss this job.
So on Thursday 10th i got myself to Mima, and was very quickly offered a job, a payed one at that!

The production is a installation-style piece, where there will be people's work displayed, films being projected, and various plays being performed with guides to lead you round, all inside The Empire in Middlesbrough. And the running theme is going to be "Steampunk". A sort of futuristic, Victorian style. If you've ever seen films like The Golden Compass, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, City Of Lost Children etc. you've been looking at Steampunk.

A few examples:

 I am to be dressing the 5-7 guides that will wander around, two mad scientists, an old lady and a teenager from 2050, and various other plays and films.
It's all very exciting! But it's all happening at the beginning of April, and I'm still working on this zombie project!!

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