Sunday, 27 March 2011

Very neglected blog!

I feel like i should write something. This last week...

The audition in Newcastle went well, but they emailed my agent to say they were impressed with my audition, but i didn't look enough like the older version of the character they'd cast.

I went to an audition in York for a short medieval film, haven't heard back yet.

Got a phone call from Rob Earnshaw from the casting website, he told me my audition for Apples was really good and i did well, but they were looking for a 15-16 year old, and i'm 20 in two weeks, so no luck.
Wrapped filming on the zombie film, after a ridiculously long shoot out on a wasteland in Hartlepool, filming until nearly 1am.

Spent a day filming in a shipyard in Sunderland, i got to have a (fake) gun.
Experienced the Newcastle Metro.
Then met up with some film makers. I auditioned for a faux documentary last year, so now i get to play a victim at a crime scene, but i'll be in flash backs as well. I seem to die a lot in films at the moment!

Still working away at steampunk costumes, although most of the cast still haven't sent me their sizes! But i got to spend a fun day in a costume shop.

Tomorrow night i'm off to Goathland Railway Station to have an affair, in a black and white 50s style film for a student project.

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