Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sorry Pete, this will be paid work!

This week is the crazy zombie film week, and we're filming nearly everyday, (including yesterday until half 9pm in the freezing cold, in Middlesbrough!)
But my agent called me yesterday about and important audition today in Newcastle, at 6:15pm, and we're not meant to finish filming until 7pm. I have some crazy juggling act this afternoon/evening to make sure all the makeup is finished before i sneak away before 5pm to try and make it to Newcastle on time. 
We're filming in Hartlepool, so luckily that happens to be closer to Newcastle, but it's still at least 45mins away, and it will probably be rush hour when i attempt the drive!
I looked at getting the train, then the Metro to Wallsend, but it would be this week that they've closed that section of rail for repairs!
Oh well, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

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