Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Another mad weekend caused by Writers' Block!

Towards the end of the shoot, when most people had left.
I got a phone call last week from Laura Degnan asking if I would be interested in acting on Sunday, I said of course. She then went on to ask what kind of fancy dress costumes I had.
It turned out that Laura had been asked to write a script for a cinematographer called Si Bell from Newcastle, to shoot before he moved to London. Laura was only now writing the script with just four days before they would make it and enter it into a competition.
Once i told her i had an 80s Madonna costume, she was happy, telling me i might be playing a receptionist in an office (wearing a microphone headset), and it would keep flashing back to a party the night before, where i would be dressed as Madonna. The whole film would play out like that, drawing parallels between the office and the party.
I heard nothing else about this film until the Saturday night, (but i'd spent all Saturday making zombie props).
On Saturday night i began getting my costume together, but realised on Sunday morning that they were still playing around with who they would cast for different parts. For example, when i read the cast list i was playing a tart, but they realised i was too young to be flirting with the guy dressed as the vicar, so i went back to playing Madonna, thank god!

It was a long day, we filmed all the office scenes, then headed over to the Dickins Inn function room, and we were an odd bunch!
A sexy cat, a robot, a pirate, the Hulk, two raving hippies, a tart, a vicar, a giant baby, a moose, a boy scout, and Madonna (and annoyingly my hair had stopped being curly by the time i was Madonna.).
We spent hours jumping around and dancing to the same odd little tune playing out of a laptop, with bubbles and smoke everywhere, but when we watched it back on the monitor, it looked like an amazing party! I can't wait to see the video!

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