Thursday, 24 February 2011

Filming for "Fracture"

Yesterday i was in Newcastle at Northumbria Uni filming for the animation i'm in. They're making it Sin City style, we act everything in front of a green screen, and then they animate over the top of us.
I saw some of the concept art, and they're making me look a bit like Goldie from Sin City, slightly in black and white, but with bright yellow/blond hair.
It was a very long day, especially as we were only filming one scene, and there were only six lines of dialogue. I'm back again tomorrow to film a different scene, with another of the personalities, (the film is about a schizophrenic guy).

Setting up the green screen

Tomorrow i'm also meeting with the zombie film guy, as the script has been re-written, and is now a different story altogether.

On a different note, i got a call from my agent, she told me that the lady from the Benfield Motors casting wanted to cast me in an ad for Oxford Note Paper. Me and Sam (Claypole) agreed to turn it down, as the ad would be used internationally for two years, but they only wanted to pay me £150, and i would be wearing the bottom half of a pink gorilla costume!
Sam told me that if i took a job like this for that amount of pay, it would look bad for me if another client asked her if i had previously done adverts, and they found out how much i was paid. It would be different if the advert was only regional, but it could be used in about 5 different countries.
So it's a no now.

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