Sunday, 20 November 2011

No more Tim Roth Film

Last week my agent, Sam Claypole, called me about my Liability audition. I had been given a part, but they weren't keen to part with any money, wanting to pay minimum wage, not Equity minimum wage, but £5 and hour!
The most they were willing to stretch to was £37 for the whole thing! Sam said she had just laughed at them down the phone!
She wasn't happy with me doing what was basically a lingerie shoot for less than forty quid. We decided that if they could guarantee me a IMDB credit, i would go ahead with it, but the next day Sam called to say she had turned it down. They wouldn't budge from £40, and no IMDB. I would have been spending more on petrol for nothing.

Then i got a group email sent to everyone in JPM Extras, (they must have been supplying everyone else) to say they were dropping out of the job because the production company only wanted to pay £5 and hour for twelve hour days.
So it looks like The Liability may be a bit stuck< shouldn't be so tight then should they!

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