Tuesday, 8 November 2011

An audition!

Last Monday i got a call from Rob Earnshaw Casting about an audition happening on the Saturday in Newcastle, which was fine. But then my email account decided that it really didn't like Jade at Rob Earnshaw Casting, so gmail didn't let any of her emails get through, which was a bit annoying as the email contained the script and the address for the audition.

After days of phone calls to Jade, it got to thursday and we had a new plan, we would sent as many emails from as many different accounts as we could in the hopes one would get through. She was running round her office to use other people's accounts, and i was busy sending from my mum's, my msn one (the one with the embarrassing address everyone always has!) and some friends i was talking to on facebook at the time.
I finally got the script on friday from The Face models (a branch of Rob Earnshaw) to my mum's account.

And i thought, hey! That's got to be as bad as it gets! But i forgot that my satnav hates me at the moment, and wont ever find the satellites. I remembered this fifteen minutes into my journey to Newcastle when i had no time to turn back. So i struggled on. The audition was in the same place as the modeling agency, so i kept driving, telling myself i would remember the way, and as i finally pulled up in the right car park, my satnav started working and announced proudly, "you have reached your destination!" Patronising thing.

Oh, and the audition went quite well, it was funny meeting Jade in person finally.
It was a short film, about three pages, so there was a bit of improvising which could have gone better!
I was first to be seen, so i'm hoping that makes me more memorable? I'm telling myself that anyway!

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