Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Tim Roth film

Today i was at an open casting for supporting artists for the upcoming film The Liability, starring Tim Roth and Talulah Riley.

Apparently i was auditioning for the part of an Eastern European girl, possibly Talulah Riley's sister, but either way i had to put on a blindfold and cry all panicky.
Rob Earnshaw was the casting director, and he couldn't stop apologizing for having to make me carry out such a strange request. Apparently he'd only just been told we had to be blindfolded, and he was so glad he already knew me, otherwise he feared looking like a creepy pervert!

Before the auditions, there had been rumours circulating among the girls that in the audition room there was a bed where you would be required to strip to your underwear and be tied down for a photo. To which Rob replied, "You should just run out the office past everyone in tears like you've been through some horrific audition!"

But i think it went well! I hope to hear back from them. It starts filming at the end of the month.

In other news, Jonathan Lamb, the photographer from Heretic, has just launched a new website for himself as a designer and photographer, and his work is amazing! Check it out here.

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