Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Gunrunner Nun

The other week i had an audition in York for an independent film called Gunrunner Nun, for the part of a young girl called Harriet,  

When Gustav Gundersson decides he wants his teenage daughter Harriet to leave their small seaside town and move to the City, he offers a local Nun some money to walk her there.
They begin the two day journey, with the Nun -Ailsa- offering the teenage Harriet a crash course in religion, ethics and morals.
Their journey soon takes a turn for the worse however, when they encounter a woodland full of warriors, religious zealots and lunatics...

I thought the audition went really well and i was happy about it, even though i thought i would miss it. The audition was at 10am, my train got in at 9:50, and google maps told me it took 12 minutes to walk there! But i made it, and that evening i got an email telling me they were very impressed with me. Then the other day i was told they wanted to offer me the role!
Filming starts in January, should be fun.



  1. That sounds all kinds of awesome. We're gonna have to interview you on the radio show at some point, yknow, if you're available. :)

  2. That would be cool! I did that horror film called Heretic over the summer too, i'm sure they would like publicity too :)