Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I seem to be everyone's Plan B

I seem to always get calls from people that have had actors/models and crew not turn up, and ask if i could fill in, and today was another one of those days.

Natalie Pluck called to say her model had got the dates of the shoot mixed up, and was i free, and as it happens i have no life, so she headed straight to my house to sort clothes, hair and makeup for a photoshoot.

We were planning to shoot at some caves in Hartlepool, which sounded beautiful, i never even knew Hartlepool had caves! But the tide was against us, so we went back to Sheep Wash in the North York Moors. At least we got something out of the day.

Here is the first photo:

Also, the other day i was asked to do makeup for a music video on Sunday. Will definitely be different!

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