Monday, 21 February 2011

48hours To Save The World!

Because our film won the Newcastle 48hr Film Competition last year, Laura and James were invited to take part in another 48hr competition, but this time online.
On Friday they were given the brief of "Save the Planet", and they had to include a camera. So we spent the weekend outside in the cold making another crazy film.
It felt a lot more stressful than last time, probably because we only had a camera until 1pm both days, which restricted us somewhat. Also, Beth (one of the other actors) was coming over from Newcastle, but the trains kept being delayed. And when she finally got to 'boro, she was rushed off to Redcar beach, and made to stand up to her waist in the North Sea, just when it was starting to snow!
The second day was better, i ended up playing a documentary film maker, and a vegatable growing vegan. Other characters in the film were a protest poet, an energy saving couch-potato, a Bob Geldof inspired musician, a superhero, and a guy who eats his own bogies, and many more.


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