Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The fastest casting ever!

Today was the Benfield Motors advert casting. After a very confusing drive through the extensive one-way systems Newcastle has to offer, with a rather confused Satnav, me and Adrian (also of Claypole Management) finally made it to the odd, multicoloured housing estate where the studio was.
We went inside, were given a piece of paper each, told to write our name and aged, then the casting director took some photographs. And we left.
Is it just me, or did it all seem a tad pointless? We were also told that this wasn't the real casting, that would be on Monday, so why couldn't they just look our headshots on Spotlight? Our names are next to them too!
All i found out from today was that there might be a festival scene in the advert, so they liked my long hair.
We then successfully tackled the route home, having spent less than 10 minutes out of the car.

I'm back in Newcastle on Friday evening for a "production meeting" for Fracture, the animation. And i'm currently sculpting an empty eye socket for a zombie.

Anyone want to play a zombie??

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