Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ithink i'm going to be animated!

I went to another audition on Thursday in Newcastle, and had a rubbish
time getting there. I ended up paying over £7 for parking, and only
just caught my train on time!
But once I got to the audition (after trailing all over the city) it
went surprisingly well!
I think I might have been offered the role straight away (unlike the
play, which I didn't get by the way).
I managed to say all the right things, like comparing the style to the
Animatrix, and mentioning that I was fine with the slight lesbian
encounter as I had already played a lesbian bridesmaid, with a kiss.
We ended by sorting out schedules, and when was best for me, and the
guy saying, "We've got a great cast for you to work with!"
The film sounds cool, we'll be acting parts of it in front of a green
screen, then they will animate over the top. I can't wait!

So now my theory on auditions is; good day, bad audition. Bad day,
good audition.

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