Saturday, 12 February 2011

Apples Audition

On Wednesday (9th Feb) night, i was sent the address and script for an audition for the film adaptation of Apples by Richard Milward. So on Thursday i got myself over to Newcastle to audition for the part of Eve, the 16 year old Boro lass.
In my head, this film is going to be a mix between Skins, Shameless and Kidulthood, the the book was written by a guy from Middlesbrough, and was then turned into a play which toured the country, which i think was funded by the man whose children i am a nanny for!

When i got into the audition, i was met by Rob Earnshaw, a prominent northern casting director. I was told that i looked right for the part, and was given about three goes at going through the script, which was being filmed on a camcorder.
He told me i needed to emphasise the boro accent more, as i was "doing about a level 3 accent, but needed to try for a level 6 or 7."
But at least he recognised that i could do a Middlesbrough accent, and if i look right for the part, i really hope i get a call back!

It looks like they've given up auditioning people from all over the country as the middlesbrough accent is such a strange one. I think they've even started holding "cattle calls" in Middlesbrough, so they can acctualy find someone who sounds right!
So I doubt i will get a call back, but it's nice to dream!
Although it's a little worrying that this is the second audition my agent has sent me for where i would be reading for the part of a slightly slutty blonde from 'boro. Is she trying to tell be something?

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