Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Beauty Shoot

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Yesterday i got asked to do some beauty shots for a photography student in Hartlepool, which was fun, especially after years of watching America's Next Top Model enviously. But it turns out that Natalie, the photographer, is also a big fan, and most of her reference pictures were from the program.
The one i picked out was from a shoot where the model had purple powder paint splattered across her face, and the pictures were really interesting. It turned out that Natalie had been planning to do the same thing that day, except she couldn't find any powder paint, and the model refused to have paint on her. But that model dropped out, hence me doing last minute modeling, only simple beauty shots, but next time we do a shoot i get to do the paint one! Yey!

Here are my Beauty Shots

Here are some photos from the beauty shoot i did with Natalie, i really liked how they turned out, (apart from the cheesy one i didn't post that looked like something off a toothpaste advert!)


Examples of the powder paint shoot from Top Model:

I would love to do a shoot like this one!

Beauty shots are very simple, natural pictures, with very natural makeup, and bright, soft lighting, like these i found on google...


  1. As I said, excellent work- thanks a million for working with us. See you soon! :)

  2. Thanks Mark, my only follower! :D

  3. Just remember I was here first, when you're famous and whatnot. :P