Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Audition for "Studs"

Today i had my audition in Harrogate for the play called Studs, and i couldn't tell how it went at all!
They seemed confused by my picture, i think i must look fatter in my picture than in real life, and my hair doesn't look as long in the headshot.
It seemed to be over very quickly, and i was only asked to read through one of the two scripts i was given before hand.
Once again, it was a completely different audition set up! They were all sat around rather casually on theatre style seating, and just asked me to join them. I think i came across weird again, i really need to buy this book, or get it from the library -

It's all about what to expect from any kind of audition, and i really need that!
All i need from this audition is one call back, or at least some positive feedback, just so my agent sees that i'm worth keeping in her agency, especially with these being the first people to audition me (i blame the picture i'm using now, i look old, and fat apparently, and my eyes look small, and my hair too short!)

I used to use this picture for everything, and i got and audition for an ongoing role in Emmerdale, and one for the 2011 remake of Wuthering Heights, for the part of Isabelle. (But then my agent suspended me.) I didn't get either of them, but still.

Now i use this one, and it's on my Spotlight profile, and my hair does look quite short on it.
I need to get headshots that look more like me!

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